I’m Back

I know it has been a really really long time since I last posted here.  I apologise but life has been very hectic since Mini Chops came into the world.  He turns 16 months next week and it has absolutely flown.

It is rather funny the last couple of weeks numerous things have happened in my life and I thought I should blog about this but our hard drive packed in a little while ago and I lost all my login details and such.  But then the wonderful wibpeople said the site has a shake up and included me in the send out even though I hadn’t blogged in over a year.  So I thank them for that and will endeavour to blog more often than that.

Till Next Time Please Keep Checking My Blog Cause I Promise I Will Update It More.


I’m a Sellout!!

Hi all sorry for selling out and very rarely blogging here anymore. I am not sure if I should be admitting this but I am blogging elsewhere dedicated to my son and all about his adventures. The little fella is 3 weeks old today and it has flown and seem munch longer at exactly the same time.

I wish to admit to you all that I am a dirty stinking sellout! The other day I ventured out to the fruit and veg markets to provide sustenence to my evergrowing family. I was flying solo this day and did not have anything to carry the fruit and veg in. I managed to grab it all in one fell swoop and make it back to the car ok. I then went and grabbed some nice real bread and some brownies as well.

On the way home I ducked into the supermarket to grab a hot chook to have on my fresh crusty real bread. With butter, cheese, tomatoes and a little s & p it really is one of life’s simple grand pleasures.

As I walked out of the supermarket a gentleman representing a political party I have never supported and probably never will approached me if I wanted a free reusuable shopping bag with the name of their candidate in a upcoming federal election. Thinking of how many trips it would take me to get back and forth from the car convinced me that I could take the shopping bag on this occassion.

It is ironic that the week before I took part in a phone survey about what I thought of that very same candidate. I absolutely bagged him. But then the next week I don’t find him that bad to grab his shopping bag.

Till Next Time I Am A Very Cheap Sellout!

It’s Not Torture Honest

Hi All,

Thank you all for your kind comments and prayers. Life just seems to get busier and this all before the baby joins the equation. We have about 5 weeks to go and then life as we know it changes completely forever. It will be cool to meet the little one after all the interaction we have had so far. Which brings us to today’s story.

When you go through the miracle of birth most people seem to get given as we were a book called what to expect when you are expecting. It covers things that you think don’t need covering but evidently do. Topics include such gems as so you are pregnant and you smoke marijuana.

One of the cool things it does is it takes you all the way from conception and talks about what is happening to the mother and also how the baby is developing. At about six months Mrs Lovely One let me know that the little one was now coordinated enough to cover his eyes with her own hands from bright light if Mrs Lovely One was walking into a sunny day.

Friends also told me that you can see the outline of the baby if you shine a bright light on the baby. So I gave it a go with a wee halogen desk lamp. I held the lamp about 4 cm’s from the belly and the baby went off. I took the light away and the baby stopped moving. I then did this again and once again the little one went off so I took the lamp away to sop any discomfort to my precious child. I did however had to test the hypothesis one last time and the test stood up once again.

Till Next Time If The Baby Comes Out With Cataracts It Is Not My Fault,


All Is Possible With A Egg Timer

Where I live we are going through some fairly major water restrictions. We have just moved onto the new level of restrictions. The restrictions include no watering of your garden apart from using buckets 2 times a week. The restrictions also include not washing your car except for your windows and mirrors so you can see and not have accidents. One of the recommendations is that we have 4 minute max showers. To help aid this the government have distributed 4 minute egg timer devices with a suction cup so you can see how long you take in the shower.

I affixed mine to the shower wall as instructed and the darn thing won’t stick to the wall. It will stay there for a while but every time you turn around the stoopid thing is in the bath looking at me as to say this is your fault. I persevere and have noticed then while watching a egg timer 4 minutes actually seems like a long time. I am yet to include a washing of my hair. I should be ok as my hair is lessening by the day. I don’t know how Mrs Lovely One will be able to wash her hair in 4 minutes. Her hair is so long and luscious. But I guess we have to do what we have to get through this crisis.

Till Next Time Can Mrs Lovely One Use Some Of My Time I Don’t Use?,


Goin Off Like A Frog In A Sock

Mrs Lovely One had a midwife visit the other night. We got lost for a while due to the fact that at 7pm the main lobby of a not the biggest hospital going round was dead quiet. Please pardon the pun. We eventually saw the midwife lady after going via emergency.

After the usual sort of questions came the cool stuff. The measurements were taken of Mrs Lovely One’s belly and then the listening of the baby’s heartbeat. That kid of mine has a wicked beat going. I would love to sample it. I am not into the techno music but it does sound very cool.

The little one has been very active lately and is kicking so hard that you can see the kicks on the outside. It seems to be hanging out in weird positions a elbow or foot or something was poking out just near Mum’s ribs. Eventually the little one moved in somewhere else.

Till Next Time How Could That Be Comfortable,


Dumb Sign

I am not sure why but I am naturally drawn to dumb signs. I went to the servo to get some fuel which is I guess what one would do at the servo really. There was a sign that said: sweet eating rockmelons. I can understand the sweet bit. But I can’t for the life of me understand the eating bit before rockmelons. What else would you do with a rockmelon. How about ornamental rockmelons or throwing rockmelons. I think we are dumbing things down in society and to tell people that rockmelons are for eating is taking it a little too far.

Till Next Time Rockmelons Are For Eating,


Did I Just See That??

Mr Chops for a while has been leaving for work around six in the morning. I feel like some days I get to work and I wake up after that. This morning I saw something that I am not 100% convinced that I saw. On the other side of the highway I saw two motor bikes heading south and one was pulling a massive wheelstand. I could see it as it was coming towards me and then even checked my mirror and he was still wheelstanding at massive speed.

Till Next Time I Am Glad To Get Where I Am Going With Four Wheels On The Ground Let Alone Do It With Only One Wheel On The Ground,


Pyschadelic Pregnancy Pizza Dreams!!

I am not sure if it was caused by the Pizza or the Pregnancy but Mrs Lovely One woke me in the middle of the night to tell me of two dreams she had. The first dream was that she had given birth to the peanut and it was a rather quick and painless transaction. The peanut when he appeared was a he and also when he was born he came out and looked like a 6 month old child and also came out clothed. Frankly a little strange there Mrs Lovely One. I am not sure if there is a little anxiety about the labor perhaps. I can understand why. I would not be looking forward to wanting to pass something around the size of a bowling ball out of the body.

The second dream was Mrs Lovely One was up at her parent’s farm and the baby once again was born but there was an elderly Pacific Island who she did not know. She needed to show them the appropriate hospitality and respect and it was very stressful for her.

People please keep away from being pregnant and having crazy dreams.

Till Next Time Don’t Mix Pregnancy and Pizza,


3% Is Better Than Nothing I Guess

Over the weekend we took a whole bunch of our Yoof from all over camping. Being the best of yoof leaders we took our yoof to a lake(dam). I am not sure why we insist on calling dams lakes. I think it is political correctness gone crazy that the word dam is somehow offensive. The dams in our locale are doing things pretty rough and despite rain for two days before we got there the dam was still at a very unbouyant 3%. To be honest the reason we went out there was the fact that camping was free and this even included ok toilet and showering facilities and powered sites. So cheap is good. We managed to take our yoof away for only $25 each for the weekend. Where else with waterside views and ensuite facilites could you go for $25!! No where let me just tell you.

Part of the adventure of looking after yoof is their unpredictable nature we were expecting 40ish. We actually had 60 turn up. So Mrs Lovely One who is rapidly becoming she of the swollen ankles had to venture out to the local shopping place and grab some cold meat for lunch and some snags for lunch the next day. We cleaned them out of cold meat pretty much that they had to slice us some more. After checking out the prices we could not beat the deli BBQ snags which were $2.95 a kilo. The other snags were double the price. I can not be beaten by bargains gentle reader. I unfortunately walked up and was served by the same girl at the deli. I warned her and asked if I should get this order from her coworkers as I had already bugged her for the sliced meat. I then had to ask her for 120 snags. I then instructed I would be back shortly and collect my deli bounty which I did. Because gentle reader I am way too important to wait for snags.

We spent the afternoon at the local pool who granted us a hefty discount. Which was surprising to us after we went on a recon trip in Jan and they told us they would not give a group discount. The proprietor then called for back up. Our 60 out gunned the locals who numbered between 6-10. Some made a quick escape. I don’t think the proprietor was accustomed to so many and set up up some witches hats and issued a whistle to one of our leaders. He thought the game we were playing which was basically throwing around a small soccer ball and then mugging whoever had the ball needed some formalisation and needed teams and goals and a whistle. The game soon petered out with the formalisation.

We wanted to give the kids dessert for dinner but because of the lack of refrigeration we couldn’t really so we snuck down to the local supermarket and grabbed 10litres of ice cream and some cones and happiness was every where. The locals that shared the car park with us looked at us like we were strange.

After a sumptious BBQ dinner we set up the data projector and shone it on the white back of the truck we brought out with us to carry our tables and supplies. This caused some interest from the others in the camp grounds. We showed some pics from the South Africa trip and I launched our new short term missions projects. We then showd thr original x-men movie. The boys spent a while on connecting the computer to the hefty car stereo of one of our mob. I watched the stars for a while before drifting comfortably off to sleep.

This morning was pretty hot and we ran out of bacon with the eggs! How our fearless leader thought that 2kg was enough for 40 hungry teens let alone 60 is beyond me. I did offer to get some more bacon yesterday. Thankfully the cooks were confused and accidently cooked one of the bags of snags. So we had less for lunch which was ok. We ended up having lunch at around 1030. I know that sounds early but when your teens get up at the crack of 5 1030 is half way through the day.

Between the eatings we packed everything down and also did a prayer labyrinth which seemed to work very well.

After just over a hour of a drive home we unpacked the truck and eskies and I had a nap and a shower cause it was stinking hot here today. I just checked the temp from the local weather station which is about 10k’s away as the crow flies and it was 38.2 at 3pm. So I am very glad we packed up early and drove home in air conditioned comfort.

Till Next Time Can We Air Condition The World??,